Why does the oil go black fast?
• Loose food particles in your oil get burned if your oil is not cleaned properly. Always filter your oil properly after each use.
• Always make sure that your oil temperature is set to the correct temperature, as if the temperature is set to high it burns the oil which then discolours the oil faster.

Why does the oil smoke?
• Always make sure that when the fryer is not in use for long periods of time the temperature is set to a lower temperature. When leaving the temperature to high can cause the oil to reach its smoke point that causes the oil to burn and smoke.

Why does the oil foam?
• After the fryer was washed, always make sure it’s rinsed and dried properly. Left over soap and water causes oil to foam.
• Always make sure that potatoes are drained properly.

Why must the oil be changed regularly?
• Oil that is exhausted can cause food to be greasy.
• Oil that is used to long can cause potato chips to look old and greasy.
• Abused oil can cause serious medical conditions to your customers.

What is the ideal frying temperature for cooking oils?
• The ideal frying temperature for most cooking oil is between 160 – 180.